Strategic partnership to develop open educational resources for teaching digital citizenship


A 2-year strategic partnership 2020 – 2022, bringing together partners from Romania, Cyprus, Germany and Greece.


Digital citizenship aims to provide the individual with the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge to use the digital tools of today and tomorrow to participate in shaping and creating the future. Digital citizenship skills are essential for social inclusion because influence the ways and means by which information and communication technologies affect ones capacity for active participation as a full member of the society.

Project summary

Project consortium proposed an innovative learning environment for teaching and learning digital citizenship skills. They chose innovative pedagogies and methods for teaching, learning and assessment that support trainers and learners to use digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways. A Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) educational resources will be available for free to provide to youth workers an affordable and flexible way to learn how to promote the digital citizenship to young people. One of the benefits of our MOOC is their open access: the learners will have access to knowledge without bureaucratic obligations.


Learning opportunities and career advice to improve employability and social inclusion of young people
Youth workers develop key competences and skills to foster personal development of youth
International collaboration between youth, youth workers and youth organizations
Promote the recognition of youth work, lifelong learning and non-formal education



Our Team Training Club International Mobility Constanta Romania

We joined forces to build a team to promote digital citizenship. Now, we are extending our team with 8 international young people. If the position in the Youth Advisory Board fits with your skills, we invite you to be part of our team! Apply here!


Online digital citizenship skills

Through Online training we want to give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and gain new digital citizenship skills. You will develop your skills and attitudes that can contribute to your employability and improve social inclusion prospects.   


Strategic Partnership

A multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of four NGOs from Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Germany and 21 associated partners will work for you to benefit from a multilingual non-formal learning environment.

Our Partners

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