Second Transnational Meeting in the project DIGCIT

On Monday, we visited the Lifelong Learning Institute in Athens where we attended the second transnational meeting for the project “Strategic partnership to develop open educational resources for teaching digital citizenship – DigCit”, funded by Erasmus+, along with our partners from Cyprus Organization For Sustainable Education And Active Learning, and Arbeitskreis Ostviertel E.V. from Germany. The former two partners joined us online. 

Together with the partners we discussed the progress we have made so far and we sat down the next steps with the aim of providing an integrated and flexible educational solution for youth and youth workers in the field of digital citizenship. The main focus of the meeting were the oncoming online courses and the development of questionnaires for learning style assessment.

During the meeting, our project manager, Assoc Prof Dr Nicoleta Acomi, presented the concept of using the case studies in teaching. This is intended to create engaging lessons and to develop the critical thinking skills of the participants. The concept was developed within the context of the project Innovative SOft SkilLs to Maritime Education and Training  i-SOL.MET , co-funded by Erasmus program. The current stage of the DIGCIT project implementation was a good opportunity to share the case study concept with attendees.

On top of that, we discussed about the progress of the disseminations plans, budget and further deadlines.

Stay tuned for the digital citizenship courses that you can find here!

Location: Athens, Greece

Date: 20th of December 2021

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