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Our main focus is to build a community of young citizens and adults with the cooperation of Europe through ESC European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus Plus projects. provides opportunities for Erasmus training courses, international mobility, youth exchanges, volunteering and strategic partnerships.

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Is TrainingClub right for me?


If you are a young person or adult who want to travel, discover Europe, help the community and develop own skills, then TrainingClub is surely right for you. We send people in Europe for FREE (no tax) in Erasmus youth exchanges. Also, we organise youth exchanges in Constanta, Romania with people from all over Europe. Participation, travel, accommodation, food and activities are free for you, covered by the EU.

International volunteers

Conference "be your own leader", Constanta, Romania

If you are a European volunteer who need some work experience to help you get a (better) job or continue your education, then our ESC volunteering projects are right for you. We host short and long term international volunteers: free accommodation, food allowance, pocket money, activities and a lot of fun. Bonus: living on the seaside and visiting Bucharest, Danube Delta and Transylvania in your free time.

Local volunteers
Youth meeting

However, if you are a local volunteer from Constanta who want to engage in the community, help others and add volunteering to your CV, then you are in the right place. However, please bear in mind that our cause is education and training. In particular, we care about the digital, social, entrepreneurship, science and technology topics. Interested? Join us to add value to you and the community!

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What if I am a trainer?

Youth worker

If you are an international trainer or youth worker interested in the topics of our projects, you can join our Erasmus+ KA105 training courses, fully covered by the European Union. Instead, if you are a Romanian trainer who want to learn new training methods and meet like minded people, you can apply for one of our training courses in Europe. We are partners in many projects so all you have to do is stay tuned and apply.


If you are a teacher, trainer in pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, life-long adult learning, then you may be eligible for our digital education and entrepreneurship courses. Get in touch with your organization to submit an Erasmus mobility project to get full benefit from free training with us. Choose us as your training provider and we will deliver to you great experiences and valuable skills you will take forever with you.


In our Magazine, you can find a collection of tried and tested non-formal education tools and activities for youth, adults and trainers.



We keep in contact with you all once a month and letting you know all the happenings. Learn more about our work, our values and our activities!


Moodle online training course

Do you want to develop yourself?

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or the same way.” In our Moodle we want to share with you all the courses that we are creating to increase you knowledge.



Indeed, I am richer in a lot of ways because I improved my English and I have made a lot of friends from foreign countries. In fact, now I know more about other cultures, traditions and behaviors. Of course, I would like to join other youth exchanges. I feel very satisfied.
Lia, Italy

Briefly, I feel happy and I’m glad that I was part of this project. I think we’ve met a lot of great people and we’ve had a lot of fun. Also, I improved my skills here and I can use them in my future life – specially my  English.
Melano, Germany

It was my first project and it was a really good experience. Indeed, I had fun and met a lot of new people and mentalities. In addition, activities were fun and I learned a lot of things.
Paul, Romania

Clearly, I liked this project. While I made a lot of new interesting people, some even became my friends. Also, I found amazing that we could help with the organizing activities. In addition, learned a lot of new things that I may apply later in my life.
Zuzana, Slovakia

Can TrainingClub help my organisation?

Grow with us

Training club Report 2019

If you are an organization who want to grow in partnership with us, you are definitely in the right place. You can join our Erasmus strategic partnership projects or you can invite us to join your projects. Let us strengthen your partnership with our expertise!

We are experts in research, instructional design models, course curricula and content, teaching methods, evaluation and recognition tools, ICT, communication and digital educational content, webdesign and online learning platforms.

Learn from us

Educația Digitală

Lastly, if you are an organization who want to learn from us, you can choose us as your training provider in your Erasmus KA101, KA102, KA103, KA104 projects. Primarily, the training courses we offer cover the topics of digital education and entrepreneurship.

Rest assured that we can tailor our courses to the needs of your teachers, students and other members of school staff, to improve their skills and competences in the digital and entrepreneurial environment. We are also able to help you draft your European Development Plan.

Our Partners

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