eLearning Platform Piloting Sessions at High Schools in Cyprus

In March 2022, an EU Project Officer from SEAL CYPRUS, organized a session for “Multilingual MOOC for youth personal development in the field of digital citizenship education” in the DIGCIT Project. The session was organized with young people aged 14 -18 years old (target group), through the Erasmus+ program.

SEAL CYPRUS conducted two interactive sessions in two high schools: the Aglantzia Gymnasium in Nicosia, at 16 march and the XENION High School in Paralimni, Famagusta, at 18 march. The total number of pupils who participated in the sessions was 29.

The sessions’ main objective was to increase youth awareness about the new MOOC for youth personal development in the digital era, enhance their digital citizenship skills, and support them using digital technologies in creative, collaborative, and efficient ways.

The session was divided into two parts. The first part was dedicated to presenting the eLearning Platform’s aim and its beneficial nature for young people. The emphasis was put on the importance of the platform’s digital courses in supporting the competence development of young people through the innovative MOOC teaching, learning, assessment and recognition system.

The second part of the session focused on explaining the platform’s components, navigation system and settings.

After completing the module, students filled in an evaluation form providing feedback on the content and general picture of the platform.

Location: Cyprus, Greece

Date: 16-18 March 2022

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