Online platform for improvement of youth digital citizenship skills

Youth workers piloted the DIGCIT online platform with the occasion of the fourth learning activity from the project Empowering youth to critically analyse fake news held in Romania, Constanta. Our association hosted this event, having as guests representatives from our partners: Solidaridad Sin Fronteras – Spain, Petit Pas – Italy, Inbie – Poland, and lastly, Cemea from France, who joined us online.

Representatives had the opportunity to teach the other participants new ways to combat Fake News, with help from the materials all of us developed throughout the strategic partnership. Thus, we discussed about fake news during COVID-19, we learned how to identify fake news, how fake news are disseminated, and many more.

In order for the participants to understand how the youth organizations can empower young people to detect fake news and disinformation and to become responsible users of digital environment, we presented them and invited to test the results of our collaboration with European partners.

  • As the result of cooperation with partners, we developed 10 Online courses for youth to improve their digital citizenship skills. We invited youth workers to take a look on the website of DigCit project and become active learners on the online platform.

They have the occasion exchange cultural experiences and enjoyed together the Romanian dinner, accompanied by our European Solidarity Corps volunteers.

Location: Hotel Dobrogea, Constanta

Date: 15 December 2021


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