A collection of tried and tested non-formal Erasmus teaching methods, education tools and activities for youth, adults and trainers.

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Discover yourself Teambuilding workshop

Social Media & Creative thinking Webinar

Social Media Behavior Workshop

Instagram Meme Online contest

Web design for youth engagement Web design activities

Design Moodle courses Online course design


Editor-in-Chief: Nicoleta Acomi
Editors: Ovidiu Acomi, Nicolas Lecomte, Beatriz Villas, Irene Corcione, Magdalena Frogerio, Guillaume Deffontaine, Beatriz Pereira

ISSN 2668-9901
ISSN-L 2668-9901
Constanta, Romania
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TEAM4Excellence empower the Constanta community to share common values and responsibilities through experiences with young European citizens.

Our vision is to share and to involve the local community. We give the opportunity to become educators and mentors and to train people to share the same values. For Europe and for the world.

Over 700 young people from Constanta and about 70 European youth benefited from our activities in 2019.

Together is better!

At TEAM4Excellence, we develop and adapt instructional design models, course curricula and content, Erasmus teaching methods, evaluation and recognition tools. We host events, training courses, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, discussions, offering internships and designing individual career plans.

We created this Magazine to share our non-formal education tools and experiences.


Mahatma Gandhi

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


Nicoleta Acomi



Above all, we created this Magazine to improve the socio-economic conditions and the quality of life through education, research & consulting to address societal challenges. Therefore, we produce & transfer innovation, experience & know-how through cooperation with domestic and international social, academic and business partners.

Moreover, we praise mobility, voluntarism, diversity, equality, tolerance, involvement, participation, engagement & empowerment and helping people to gain additional knowledge, attitudes, transversal competences and skills.

Meanwhile, by fostering the personal and professional development of people, we contribute to a sustainable future, in order to address the need for a competent workforce of the economy.

In conclusion, we accelerate interactions between academia, government institutions, industry & civil society (quadruple helix) to create experiential learning opportunities.

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