eLearning Platform Session for Youth Workers

In the middle of March 2022, an EU Project Officer from SEAL CYPRUS, organized in Cyprus, a session for “Multilingual MOOC for youth personal development in the field of digital citizenship education” in the DIGCIT Project. The session aimed at promoting the multilingual eLearning platform and its innovative methodologies to youth workers who wish to harness the potential that digitalisation represents for active citizenship, through the Erasmus+ program.

At the beginning of the session, the facilitator presented the platform’s material, its aims and its benefits for the target group. After the brief introduction, the session focused on the platform’s components, navigation system and settings.

The participants were given guidance on how to register on the platform, navigate themselves around the platform, and access the courses. After completing one of the course’s modules, they filled in an evaluation form providing feedback on the platform’s content and layout.

The eLearning platform had a positive impact on youth workers. They were actively engaged in exploring the platform’s courses during the session. They studied the course content attentively, and then they completed the self-assessment quizzes to evaluate their knowledge.

Following the sessions’ positive outcome, the youth workers are expected to make regular use of the platform with young people in their NGOs or youth associations, promoting digital citizenship education and skills.

Location: Cyprus, Greece

Date: 15 March 2022

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