Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices: we develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth work with different participating countries. We design and deliver Erasmus+ training courses, including curricula, content, multimedia and IT infrastructure (online learning platforms and mobile apps). Here you can find the projects that we are doing.

INNOVET Game Based Learning Course


The project “INNOVET – Game-based learning: innovative e-learning pedagogies for VET teachers” addresses the digital transformation and aims to develop a digital educational ecosystem with tools and tutorials for education providers to use digital technologies for learning in a creative, collaborative and attractive way.


Adult education course

Adult Education

The participation rate of adults in the European Union in lifelong learning programs stands at 11.1%, with 0.2 percentage points above the level of the previous year. Romania is the last, with only 0.9% (Eurostat). Meanwhile, the EU target is having at least 15% adult participation in learning by 2020. Increasing fair access and participation in adult education is vital.


AGE The Learning Age Logo

The Learning Age

AGE aims to improve the digital competencies of elderly to facilitate the use of digital tools and applications to make them participate in society in a more active way. AGE also seeks to increase the training offer of adult education centers with innovative strategies that invite participation in training based on the methodology of intergenerational learning.


Podcast Training Courses

Podcast courses

The PODSQUAD consortium of partners develop a comprehensive training programme which helps NEETs to make their own podcasts, from the comfort of their own homes. The project builds the self-confidence of learners so that they become more open to new ideas as content creators, taking advantage of the benefit of exposure.




We empower today’s youth, especially those often overlooked, the NEETs. Our mission is to equip them with the green, digital, and entrepreneurial competences they need to thrive for a better future. Through a captivating blend of educational activities and training, FUTURE is based on cultivating crucial skills. Join our courses!


Digital Facilitator Adults 55+ Logo

DIFA 55+

DIFA55+ project is an opportunity to create a high-performing digital educational framework to support educators develop, update, share and re-use digital educational programs. The framework is thought easily customizable for online and offline (Bring your own device) course delivery to meet the needs of adults 55+ with low digital skills.


Safe and Informed Volunteering

Safe Involved Volunteering

SIV is a collaborative partnership in the field of youth between 4 partners from 3 countries (Spain, Romania and Portugal). Its main objective is to promote European volunteering, through a platform which provides accurate information regarding the places where the volunteering projects are implemented across Europe.


Citizen Media Courses

Citizen Media

All Citizens should be able to use, understand, analyze and create Digital Media. For this reason, Citizen Media is the main topic of our project. We designed it around the key idea of making use of the opportunity of modern media to defeat its dangers. We offer you free e-tutorials, online courses and the Educational Citizen Media Magazine.



Let Me Tell You

Rural areas are becoming more and more depopulated, and often those who choose to remain are senior citizens. To fight the digital divide we teach them digital skills and we promote their knowledge about our cultural heritage. We want to promote the rural tourism and to understand more about forgotten cultural areas with the help of local seniors.




Find out about the link between entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy and how you can benefit from them. We aim to support NEETs in using the potential of the Circular Economy by equipping them with the necessary skills and tools, thus facilitating their entry into the labour market. Our community offers you new training courses!


BlueGeneration training and mentoring


The aim of the BlueGeneration Project is to ATTRACT and ENGAGE young people between 15 and 29 years and CONVERT them to pursue sustainable careers in Blue Economy in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. Learning materials are waiting for you. Join our BlueGeneration Project and get transformed!


Creativity and innovation courses

Creativity and Art

The development of technology and online learning has transformed not only the way information is transmitted but also the teaching-learning processes. This project aims at creating a Strategic Partnership to realize an educational pack where the arts, creativity, and digital technology interact to enhance Digital Social Innovation (DSI).


Digital Facilitator Trainer Course

Digital Facilitator Trainer Role

DigiFacT addresses a huge gap in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) community in Europe, the lack of digital learning resources in teaching, essential to help educators to develop their own digital skills, with the ultimate purpose of engaging the youth and provide them with key knowledge and skills in the digital era.


Follow Us Logo

Social Media Managers

An innovative full educational plan aimed at training, motivating, and re-activating NEETs, by using Social Media as core content. It will also include modules of key competences and soft skills to support NEETs in exploiting their personal skills and learn how to best promote their ideas to create value out of their work as Social Media Managers!


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Green Hive

Green Hive addresses two critical challenges: understanding sustainable practices in the labor market and upskilling teachers and trainers. By actively foreseeing skill needs and shaping VET provision, we prepare individuals for a greener labor market. Join us in shaping the future of VET education and empowering educators for the digital and green transitions!


Completed projects

Digital Citizenship training course

Digital Citizenship

The project aims at promoting digital citizenship through youth work. Thus, we have chosen to develop innovative pedagogies and methods for teaching, learning and assessment that support trainers and learners to use digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways to support young people.


Blue career guidance and mentoring

Blue Career Guidance

The “blue” economy represents roughly 5.4 million jobs and generates a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year. However, the digitalization will lead to replacing 83% of seaman’s work by computers in the upcoming years. Be-Blue aims to strengthen the intra and inter sector mobility of people in the blue economy.


Professional English Skills for Employability

English Skills for Employability

Many young people can only afford to re-train by returning to live with their parents while they complete degrees in the hope of finding work. Meanwhile, many of the jobs on offer require real work-related skills, rather than solely academic knowledge. Candidates who can offer both tend to be more successful. Be the one!


Fake News training course

No Fake News

Propaganda, misinformation and Fake News have the potential to polarise the public opinion, to promote violent extremism and hate speech. We give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge, gain new analytical skills and develop your critical thinking abilities to find, interpret, analyse and evaluate Fake News.


Entrepreneurship training course

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Getting out of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 is the challenge that Europe must face in the immediate future, but perhaps a bigger challenge is to reverse the main negative trends that preceded the crisis. We aim to encourage entrepreneurship and unlock the growth potential of European young people, in particular the NEETs and economy.


Online Support for Youth at Risk

Online support for youth in risk

Despite its growing popularity, there is little information about the potential of the Internet to build a trusted community that helps reduce stigma, facilitates help-seeking and aids in the prevention of mental health difficulties for young people. Unsupervised online forums or chat rooms hold potential dangers which we seek to address.


Training courses for adult educators

Support Elderly Needs

“Europe is getting old” (Demographic Aging Report, 2018). It is our stringent responsibility to value our seniors and create an enabling environment for them to learn, be active and express themselves. It is urgent to take them out of this picture, where the human rights were limited and the seniors’ rights were limited even more.


Digital Addiction Course

Tech addiction labyrinth

According to the European Parliament, daily use increases 90% among 15-24-year-olds. Find your way out the technological addiction labyrinth – TECHBYRINTH is a project aimed to raise awareness about the risk of technological and online addictions and to provide viable solutions related to digital competences for youth and youth workers.


Robotic Team as a Startup

ROBO Youth

A new strategic partnership to support innovative non-formal education for young people in the field of modern technologies: robotics, automation, electronic, programming and mechanics. Combining new technology and entrepreneurship will increase youth competitiveness on the labour market and will offer them smart and well paid jobs.


Our Partners

Because sharing is caring, we believe that working with other organizations creates a better community. Our international partners help us spread our values and get new ones.

Romanian Partners

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International Partners

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