Ethics and Empathy Online

On October 22nd, 2021, we went to Madgearu High School to deliver a workshop on Digital Education to 11th grade students. We chose to focus on Ethics and Empathy Online.

The workshop lasted about an hour. Students stayed engaged in the activities the whole time. 

We first talked about positive behaviours online. We talked to them about what are some positive behaviours they can have online to make the online space an enjoyable space that promotes good. We then shared a few tips on how to react to negative or hate comments. This was followed by an activity where students had to reply in groups to negative or hate comments that were really posted online. They all showed really great answers and imagination!

Then, we talked about ethical thinking. The goal of this part was to make students think about how they interact with other people online in order to use the good tone and words to be cordial. We also discussed self-image and digital footprint.

Students were actively involved in the whole workshop. We were able to discuss deeply with them about their opinions on positive and negative behaviours online and about their own experiences. They sure seem to be informed digital citizens!

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