Webinar DIGCIT

On October 4th, we participated in an online meeting with our partners from the DIGCIT project: SEAL Cyprus, Athens Lifelong Learning Institute Greece, Bennohaus Germany.  

In this project about digital citizenship, we chose to design a set of Massive Open Online Courses for the 10 domains recommended by Education Expert: Access and Inclusion, Learning and Creativity, Media and Information Literacy, Ethics and Empathy, Health and Wellbeing, e-Presence and Communications, Active Participation, Rights and Responsibilities, Privacy and Security, Consumer Awareness.

We discovered together how to use the Moodle platform to digitally implement the courses, we created accounts, we learned how to add information on the platform. Moreover, we introduced our partners the other courses we have been successfully ran on this platform, with hundreds of students.

We are excited to start engaging students to take part in our Moodle courses.

Date: 4th of October 2021

Location: Online

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