Youth personal development in the field of digital citizenship education

It’s was a pleasure to organize on Wednesday 25th May 2022, the Multiplier event of the project: “Strategic partnership to develop open educational resources for teaching digital citizenship“. The event took place at Maritime University of Constanta and promoted the results of DIGCIT project and youth personal development in the field of digital citizenship education.

Within the event, we shared the most valuable results of the project and we involved the participants in the workshop “Education with game elements” 

The workshop helped participants understand how can interactive and gamification activity be used for learn things. We welcomed about forty people who wanted to learn more about the subject. We are very happy to have representation from lot of schools and associations:

  • Colegiul Național “Mircea cel Bătrân” Constanța
  • Asociația Blue Career Center
  • Colegiul Comercial ”Carol I” Constanța
  • Universitatea Maritima din Constanta
  • Universitatea Ovidius Constanta
  • Școala Gimnazială Ion Borcea Agigea
  • Liceul Tehnologic “Ioan N.Roman” Constanța
  • Centrul National de Promovare a Transportului Intermodal
  • Atlas Research
  • Academia Navala Mircea cel Batran
  • Centrul European pentru Responsabilitate Sociala
  • Şcoala Gimnazială Nr.2 Ovidiu
  • Liceul Pedagogic ,,Constantin Bratescu”
  • Liceul Teoretic “Decebal”/Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Constanța
  • AGIR – Sucursala Constanta
  • ASPES Dobrogea
  • Colegiul Național Mihai Eminescu


The DIGCIT project

At 2pm, we welcomed all the guests. Then, Nicoleta, the project manager, presented the Digital citizenship project in partnership with three other associations: SEAL CYPRUS, Athens Lifelong Learning institute, Arbeitskreis Ostviertel E.V. The scope of the project is to improve competencies in 10 digital domains, required within youth activity online. The goal is to provide young people with values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge to use digital tools to participate in the development of the digital society. For this,  the activity ideas include: videos, real world problem, discuss, game, quiz etc.

To this end, the principals results of this project are:

  • The DIGCIT manual  where you can find all the themes and course material on this topic such as : Creativiy, Youth Inclusion, Media literacy etc. Usuful for the youth workers to use tools adapt at the young people today.
  • Educational material for digital citizenship skills
  • Multilingual MOOC for youth personal development in the field of digital citizenship education, which represent a modern learning environment for skills development and recognition.

For more information, we invite you to access to the educational platform trainingclubcourses where you can find all courses and topics.

Then, our volunteers took the floor for 30 minutes to explain their results from the workshops in high schools that they have been doing for the last 4 months. In particular, they highlighted how they created interactive activities by presenting the different topics delivered each week. They summarized the elements that added interactivity and those much appreciated by youth: Quizzes, True or False and discussions. In addition, volunteers shared their strategies for making the digital citizenship course activities more appealing: use of mobile phones, group work and collaborative activities.

Gamification activity

The last part of the event was organised in the framework of group activities, A gamification activity suitable for learning new content and assessment, based on a methodology elaborated within the project: “Innovative online learning experiences with the use of gamification” . Each group of people had to choose a topic and gamify it following a specific mode with step from 1 to 8:

  1. Identify the goals and the outcomes
  2. Find the environment (Virtual or Offline)
  3. Onboarding
  4. Define the design
  5. Skill Atoms
  6. Evaluation
  7. The support
  8. Meta (Knowledge Areas, tools etc.)

Each group delegated representatives to deliver the outcomes and shared the impressions. It revealed that the participants enjoyed the workshop with the presentation of the DIGCIT educational materials and courses and the practical gamification activity itself.

Close the event in a friendly way, participants gathered around a buffet and continued the fruitful networking.


Location: Maritime university School, Constanta, Romania
Dates: 25th May 2022

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