Our Organisation


TEAM4Excellence created TrainingClub to build a better community. As a result, through cooperation and different projects, we will improve Europe.


Our mission

Our mission is to Empower youth and adults to engage with the community. In doing so, they will share common values and responsibilities. As a result, they will be better European citizens.

Our vision

Our vision is to involve the local community. In practice, we give people the opportunity to become educators and mentors. In return, they train the future youth and adults to share the same values. For Europe and for the world.

Shared values

Our people believe in the power of responsible cooperation.



Who we are

Essentially, TEAM4Excellence is a not for profit which helps institutions and businesses to grow. For that, we use the Business Model Canvas and the EFQM Model. Moreover, we are the EFQM reference organisation in Romania.

Meanwhile, we improve the quality of life through education, research and consulting. As a result, we produce and transfer innovation, experience and know-how.

Why are we here

Above all, TEAM4Excellence created TrainingClub to speed up interactions between academia, institutions, businesses and society. That is, we create learning opportunities for volunteers, youth and adults. Also, we ease teaching opportunities for youth workers and trainers.

Besides, we provide development opportunities for NGOs, universities, SMEs, public authorities. Thus, we focus on creating a great future for all these and helping them grow to help the world.

Our goals are:

  1. Firstly, to provide learning opportunities and career advice
  2. Secondly, to equip trainers and teachers with key competences and skills
  3. Thirdly, to foster local and international collaboration
  4. Lastly, to promote the recognition lifelong learning.

In summary, we support partners across Europe to design and implement Erasmus+ and other European projects.

We are members of

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