Piloting the DIGCIT courses in Greece

On the 23rd of February 2022, representatives of The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, organized an online session for piloting the “Digital Citizenship” Project’s Educational Platform developed during the Erasmus+ project.

The event aims, on the one hand to present the goals and results of the project „Strategic Partnership to Develop Open Educational Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship” and to guide youth workers through the project’s educational platform. On the order hand, the youth workers had the opportunity to pilot a course and provide feedback using an evaluation questionnaire about the platform.

The event was attended by youth workers invited by the The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, the partner from Greece.

During the meeting, they discussed  about „digital environments”, what skills and competencies a young person should have to navigate through digital media platforms. After that, the host of the meeting promoted the educational platform of the project, emphasizing the scope of each course and explaining the format of the platform.

The feedback was collected using an online questionnaire, where participants had the chance to write their impressions and suggestions about the platform.

The overall conclusion was that the piloting was a success and that our Digital Citizenship courses are a very useful tool for youth workers and young people.

Location: Online

Date: 23  February 2022

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