Empowering youth to critically analyse fake news

A 1.5-year strategic partnership 2019 – 2021, bringing together partners from Spain, France, Italy and Poland.


The diversity of news distributed via social media communication channels exposes citizens, especially youth, to large scale disinformation including misleading and false information. Propaganda, misinformation and Fake news have the potential to polarise public opinion, to promote violent extremism and hate speech and, ultimately, to undetermined democracies and reduce trust in the democratic processes (Council of Europe, 2018). The main problem identified by project partners is the reduced level of commitment of youth in evaluating social media news. With this in mind, we aim at empowering youth to evaluate fake news and detect disinformation campaigns across social networks.

Project summary

During the 1.5 year lifetime we will exchange and test good practices to improve the internal methods in a European context. We aim at creating a motivating context for staff development for achieving the main objective: “enhance the capacity of youth workers and youth organizations in their support for young people to interpret, analyse and evaluate the Fake News”.

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Our groups that contribute to addressing the aim of the project

Youth with active accounts on social media, with interest in developing critical thinking skills.
Youth workers, working with youth in all form of education, with interest in developing competencies needed for empowering the youth for dealing with Fake news.
Youth organizations, working with youth in all kinds of education with interest in developing their internal capabilities for addressing youth needs for dealing with Fake news.

Our Partners