Fake News Mobility in Poland

In our strategic partnership Fake News, 4 Romanian participants had the opportunity to learn more about fake news, how to identify and how to create them, along with participants from the partners’ countries: Poland (Fundacja Instytut Badan Iinnowacjiw Edukacji), Spain (Solidaridad Sin Fronteras), France (CEMÉA Rhône-Alpes), Italy (Petit Pas-social promotion association). 

Read more about Alexandru’s experience in Poland:

“Fake hunter, Oigetit, Zemana, Deepware, Test news : is news fake? and Fake?No thanks are some applications that help in identifying fake news. We learned about these applications in the Fake News Strategic Partnership Training 3 – Interactive Ways to Fight Against Misinformation, which took place from 22 to 24 September in Czestochowa, Poland. In addition to these applications, we learned how to report and comment as soon as we identify fake news and, surprise, we learned how to create a fake news page 🙂 ! For this opportunity I would like to thank INBIE for the excellent hosting but also Team4Excellence for the good organization and coordination. The team in Romania consisted of the following members : Alexandru Ivanciu, Antonio Petcu, Ștefania Jiga and Alexandru Apostol.”

Location: Czestochowa, Poland

Date: 22.09-24.09.2021

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