Managing international educational projects – the challenge of the 21st century, Czestochowa- Poland


“INBIE”, Poland, participated in the VIII-th INBIE-NET International scientific conference entitled “Management of international educational projects – the challenge of the 21st century”, organized by the “Research and Innovation in Education Institute – Poland”.

  • Study – Exchange of good practices: Empowering youth to critically analyse fake news was presented by Renata Ochoa-Daderska, Research and Innovation in Education – Poland
  • Poster – Youth journey to spot Fake News prepared by Nicoleta Acomi, Team4Excellence was presented by Luis Ochoa Siguencia, during the poster session.

More than 60 people working with youth from different organizations delivered oral and poster presentations. Participants, mainly from Poland and Ukraine, promoted Erasmus+ programme and strategic partnership projects objectives and become aware of the necessity of encouraging youth to develop critical and analytical skills.

Location: Czestochowa- Poland

Thursday, 30 January 2020

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