Working to Stop Misinformation

Erasmus transnational project meeting to stop misinformation

The problem of misinformation isn’t going away. Internet social media platforms have taken some steps to reduce its spread and say they are working on doing more. But no method yet introduced has been completely successful at removing all misleading content from social media. The best defense, then, is self-defense. Self-defense needs education. For this purpose, on the 5th and 6th of August 2021, we met in Trani, Italy together with our European partners from Spain, Poland and Italy to discuss and agree on intervention strategies for youth organizations. The intervention strategies shared by our partners will be analised from the perspective of key success factors, transferred into small manageable activities and will be used to improve youth competencies to detect Fake News.
Main challenge: Choose the right way to promote adequate solutions to fight against online manipulation.

To ensure successful implementation of the project, we share methods and run pilot activities. In this manner, we consolidate the efforts of the youth workers that fight against manipulation. Finally, having the methods confirmed, we share the validated methods and techniques through free online courses.

Project partners: CEMEA, INBIE, Petit Pas, SSF.

Click here to read the press releases in partners’ languages EN | RO | SP | IT | PL | FR.

Location: Trani, Italy

Date: 5-6 August 2021

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