Improve communication skills

Communication skills – A two way process

The Rumor exercise aim to improve communication skills of students. The exercise was introduced in a young student competition organized online by Faculty of Navigation. The theme of the annual competition is “Captain of the ship of next generation”. This Competition is financed by Romanian Ministry of Education and promote involvement of university students and high school learners in extra-curricular activities.

On board vessel, the order is transmitted by the Deck officer “Starboard 10” and is repeated by the Helmsman “Starboard 10” before the action being taken. Being aware of the need of young students to understand the role of repeating the order, we proposed an attractive and interactive game. The “Chinese Whispers” helped them to apply and develop good communication skills.

“The rumor” exercise emphasized the importance of communication and the amount of missed details while the message is verbally transmitted and re-transmitted. During the second phase of the event, participants played a Kakoot game to decide who is the best “communicator” and ready the be “Captain of the ships of next generation”. Participants understood how the miscommunication affects the course of actions.

The exercise was adapted from the proposal of our partner SSF, during implementation of the project “Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: Empowering youth to critically analyse fake news, ID 2019-2-RO01-KA205-064070

Location: online Constanta Maritime University

27 November 2020

Improve communication
Communication skills
Improve communication
Student competition

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