Transnational Project Meeting Fake News

The diversity of news distributed via social media communication channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), exposes everyone to large scale disinformation including misleading and false information. Through the strategic partnership “Empowering Youth to Analyze Fake News”, four European organizations from Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain and France, have been involved in workshops, webinars, Erasmus+ training courses for exchanging good practices.

This time, 4 partners gathered together (TEAM4Excellence, INBIE, Petit Pas, SSF) in Madrid, Spain, to discuss:

  • The next training event (LTTA 4 “Strategy of intervention”) that will be held in december 2021;
  • The finalization of the amazing Fake News Magazine;
  • The collection of good practices including strategies of intervention.

If you want to find out more about Fake News, you can do it through our free online courses.

Project partners: CEMEA, INBIE, Petit Pas, SSF.

Click here to read the press releases in partners’ languages EN | ROSP | IT | PL| FR

Location: Madrid, Spain

Date: 18th of October, 2021

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