Youth workers fight against manipulation

Erasmus project meeting to fight against manipulation

We were pleased to welcome to Constanta an European group of youth workers fighting against manipulation and Fake News spreading. Primarily, we aim to bring correctness and fair sharing of news into the attention of youth. Thus, the meeting was the first step for a successful cooperation. In addition, we discussed and shared experiences about the impact of intentional misinformation and fake news over the young people. In spite of the fact that solutions for checking news and information are available on several international websites, there are not enough used. For this reason, it is our role to develop and promote adequate solutions to increase awareness on the importance of checking the news.
Main challenge: prepare youth organizations and youth workers to fight against manipulation and appropriately empower youth for dealing with Fake news.

Kick-off meeting

The meeting held in Constanta (Romania) brought together youth workers fighting against manipulations.

Asociatia TEAM 4 Excellence (T4E), Romania – Leader of the consortium

CEMEA Rhone-Alpes, France

Fundacja Instytut Badan Iinnowacjiw Edukacji (INBIE), Poland

Petit Pas, Italy

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF), Spain

We set up a Facebook group to fight Fake news spreading. JOIN US

We share with you

The newly established strategic partnership is expected to create a motivating context for project staff to effectively contribute to analytical skills development.

The main beneficiaries are:

Young people with active accounts on social media

Youth workers fighting against manipulation




To ensure successful implementation of the project, we share methods and run pilot activities. In this manner, we consolidate the efforts of the youth workers that fight against manipulation. Finally, having the methods confirmed, we share the validated methods and techniques through free online courses.

Youth workers fighting against manipulation prepared the 1st press release: CEMEA, INBIE, Petit Pas, SSF.

Click here to read the press releases in partners’ languages EN | RO | SPIT | PL | FR.

Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 18 October 2019

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