“Education to Media and Information: training and supporting educational actors”, Montpellier, France


“CEMEA” organized a 3-day training workshop with 25 Youth workers and Youth leaders from the CEMEA’s national network. The workshop aimed to develop educational actions with regards to media and information, in relation to the broader mission of fighting against disinformation and developing fake-news debunking skills.

The workshop consisted of :

  • Overview of the network’s actions “Education in information media”
  • Challenges related to media education and appropriation of educational resources
  • Training framework and overview of available resources
  • Issues related to management and support of training courses conducted in the network

This training is the first step of a broader program which goal is to empower Youth workers, Youth leaders and eventually the whole community at a national scale about digital information media, as well as provide them with tools to critically analyse information and debunk fake news.

Location: Montpellier, France

Date: 3-5 February 2020

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