Protect yourself from falling to top appearances in search machines

Training course 

Three days full of tips and tricks to produce and interpret multimedia contents. From Monday, 9th of August to Wednesday 11th of August 2021 we were welcomed by our host organization Solidaridad Sin Fronteras, in Alcorcon, Madrid, where we have the chance to meet highly experienced professionals.
Theoretical and practical group activities help us to discover how safe are the social media networks, and maybe the most important, contributed to group cohesion. With the support of Irene and Paula we understood the impact that discriminatory fake news can have, with focus on LGTBI and women equality.
During the second day, after reflecting on the first day of training, we identified the keywords that express the mission of our institutions and we learnt to use them in the communication of our organization. Because our organizations exist for making positive changes in the community, it appeared urgent to understand how SEO and keywords can bring us to a page to read fake information.
The last day of training was dedicated to development of research skills of participants. We are now able to determine the Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose of the sources by using CRAAP criteria.

Main challenge: Use the right keywords to communicate for your organization.


Location: Madrid, Spain

Date: 9-11 August 2021

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