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Erasmus Training Courses

Two European partners from Romania and two from Spain and Turkey, upon evaluating internal capabilities, discussions with stakeholders, analyses of existent resources and strategies at national and European level, partners concluded that a high-performing digital education ecosystem can support educators create, update, share and re-use digital educational programs. The programs needs to be easily customizable to be delivered in online and offline (Bring your own device) to meet the needs of adults 55+ with low digital skills. For wide benefit, a complete educational resources toolkit comprising multilingual educational materials will be released in ENG, RO, IT and TK. Keep an eye on these and be part of our community.


Innovet Learning Digital Cloud

Improve the digital facilitator competencies of educators and other adult education staff from partners’ countries to adequately contribute to development of digital skills of adults 55+, by using a toolbox of instruments for creating engaging & active learning and digital pedagogies adapted to proficiency level.


digital learning innovet

Facilitate access of 150 adults of 55+ to digital learning opportunities, by using different modes of assessment for digital skills and by participating in attractive learning activities.


Digital Citizenship training course

Enhance digital transformation in adult education organizations from partners countries to empower older people at 55+ to be active technology users, by implementing an high-performing digital ecosystem to create and share attractive learning activities for adults.

Facing the challanges

The programs need to be easily customisable to be delivered in online and offline (Bring your own device) to meet the needs of adults 55+ with low digital skills.

Nevertheless, proposed results require high technical expertise and costs, which represent two of the main existing challenges and barriers for educators that would like to innovate their digital teaching strategies.  DIFA project is an opportunity to bring together a multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of four partners from Romania (NGO specialized in digital education and an NGO providing support to elderly center), Spain (institute specialized in design training processes), and SHEM (adult education centre).

Target groups

Educators need improved digital skills for adapting to digital education. They need digital competence and a toolbox of instruments for creating engaging & active learning, and ensure learners reach the desired learning outcomes.

Adults 55+ need digital skills to access support services, medical appointments, welfare activities; and to stay safe while online. They need accessible tools to understand own level of digital competency and attractive courses to become digital competent.

Adult education organizations need initiatives to empower adults to be active technology users. The innovative digital education ecosystem gives the educators the chance to create, update, share, adapt and re-use attractive educational programs.

Benefits of e-learning platform

Open access – login without bureaucratic obligations. Click here to see.

Learning opportunities – improve employability and social inclusion of 55+ years-old people

Education learners develop key competences and skills to foster their personal development

International collaboration between educational organizations, teachers and learners

Promote the educational work and the recognition of educational work in Romania, in partners countries and everywhere across Europe

“Everyday Digital Skills for Adults 55+” online assessment web app

Welcome to our DIFA55+ web app. The app is a formative objective assessment designed around the DigComp framework and provides situational questions, answers and tips related to day-to-day digital competences. Upon completion, it provides you with a certificate and a radar plot across the six DigComp main dimensions.

We know that keeping pace with the fast digital transition is quite challenging, and we strive to help you improve your digital knowledge, skills and attitudes.

We invite you to test your digital skills and learn at the same time. Select your answer, read the tips and click next.


When you need to find information online, how do you usually do that?

When you find information online, how do you know if that is correct?

How do you store your personal information such as online banking information, email address username, passwords, etc.?

You see a racist comment to a Facebook post in a group you are part of. What do you usually do?

You see a video/ picture/ post that you like on the internet. How do you usually share that content?

You have to make a hospital appointment but the number is often busy. What do you do?

You need to prepare an official application letter together with your friends. How would you do it?

You are on public transportation, and a friend of yours sends you a voice message on WhatsApp. What would you do?

You are enjoying a relaxing private moment at the swimming pool/sauna/spa etc. alone or accompanied. What do you usually do?

Assuming that one of your children has a wedding and you want to invite everyone in your neighbourhood. What would you do?

You want to show others all the places you travelled to over the last ten years. Which digital tool would you use to show them?

You find an interesting article on the internet and you want to share it on Facebook. What is the best way to do it?

You want to make a list of things you buy from the market every week to keep a record of your kitchen expenses. What would you do?

What is the best way to protect your device and digital content?

You are on an online shopping site that, at the time of payment, asks you for data that are not usually requested. What will you do?

You are experiencing a sleep disorder. You wake up frequently during the night. What will you do?

Your boss wants you to reduce your contribution to the digital carbon footprint and to work in a more eco-friendly way. What should you do?

You have just downloaded Instagram and you want to post your first photo, but your phone doesn't allow it. How do you solve this problem?

You come home after a tiring day at work and don't want to cook dinner. You decide to order food. How do you do this?

You run into a tourist on the street asking you something in English. Your English level is very low, but you want to help her. How can you help her?

Your friend is unemployed and currently seeking a job. She asks you for help to find a job. How would you support her?

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the “Everyday Digital Skills for Adults 55+” online self-assessment.

Get ready to view your results and download your certificate.
Add your name as you want to appear on your certificate (English keyboard ONLY)

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