DIFA Meeting with Local Educators, September 2022, Turkey

On Friday, September 23, 2022, Sarıçam Halk Egitimi Merkezi organized in Adana, Türkiye, the Multiplier Event titled ‘Improving the skills of a digital facilitator’ within the Erasmus+ Partnership for Cooperation “Digital Facilitator for Adults 55+” project.

The purpose of the event was to share the PR1 “Digital facilitator toolkit” with adult educators and other stakeholders in the field of adult learning. The main objective was to increase the awareness of participants and their organizations about ‘Digital facilitator toolkit’ comprising of the competence map supported by a toolbox of instruments for creating engaging and active learning for addressing the adult learners needs.

Thirty participants representing all target audiences [adult educators, adult education organizations, adult learners, policymakers and other stakeholders] attended the event. The event was planned such that to carefully selected target audience to bring together educators, trainers, managers, experts, professionals and adults (55+), to better promote the project, share the first project Result and ensure their participation in the sustainability of the project. In addition, delegates from Romania “TEAM4Excellence Association “, from Spain “Formative Footprint” and from Romania “Asociatia Voluntariat pentru Viata ” attended the event, allowing participants to build transnational professional networking.

The event was organized in two sessions. The first session started with a presentation of the Erasmus+ programme and then continued with the results of the DIFA55 project, including the ” Digital Facilitator Toolkit”.

A panel discussion on “Digital facilitator competencies for adult education” was held with the project consortium members and adult education experts. The panel was moderated by SHEM facilitators with the objective to create an interactive discussions and involvement of each party. The panel discussion provided an opportunity to share ideas, intuitions and views on how digitization embedded in online and offline learning in adult education centres can increase adults’ engagement and motivation to become active technology users.

Read the press release here: EN | TR

Location: Adana, Turkey

Date: 23 September 2022

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