DIFA55 Seminar in Adana, April 2023, Türkiye

On April 5, 2023, Sarıçam Halk Eğitimi Merkezi organised in Adana, Turkey a seminar as part of the Partnership for Erasmus+ Cooperation “Digital Facilitator for Adults 55+ ” Project. The purpose of the event was to present the PR2 ‘Everyday Digital Skills For Adults 55+ Web App’ and to discuss and review it with educators and other adult education staff. 

20 participants from 8 different institutions and organizations attended the seminar. The event was held in a single session that began with the presentation of the DIFA55+ Project and continued with the presentation of ‘PR2: Web App for Everyday Digital Skills Assessment’. Following the Web App presentation, the event was moderated by SHEM facilitator to generate discussions and feedback on how to improve the Web App and integrate it into adult education. 

The particapants stated that they had never experienced with a digital tool for self-assessment of digital skills for adults. It is an ınnovative tool on this regard. Following Covid19, there has been a critical need for adult understanding and development of everyday digital skills. The app is also very innovative and useful because it includes a structured educational tool for skill assessment and guidance.

Educators can certainly use the Web App to assess the level of understanding of technology and internet usage of their adult 55+ students. The Web App can  raise awareness about the potential use of technology that can improve adults’ lives, as it addresses the five areas of DigComp digital competences and consists of question sets about everyday digital skills. 



Location: Adana, Türkiye

Date: 5th of April 2023

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