Digital Content Development Course, August 2023, Romania

From 25 to 29 August, TEAM4Excellence organised a job shadowing activity and digital facilitation course to develop the teaching skills of seven teachers selected by the turkish sending organization Konya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü. We had 5 days of intensive job shadowing on digitisation and education within the Erasmus+ DIFA project. During the five days of the Digital Content Development and E-Learning Platforms course, participants engaged in a comprehensive training programme designed to improve their digital competences and teaching skills. The agenda included presentations, discussions about types of training and sharing of expectations. Participants also assessed their initial digital skills and visited the Adult Training Centre at the Maritime University of Constanta.

Theoretical aspects of digital accessibility, inclusive education and multicultural integration were explored and participants worked on individual digital content for e-learning platforms. Nicoleta Acomi and Ovidiu Acomi facilitated practical activities focused on instructional design principles. Here, participants learned to design learning content using new technologies, adapt materials to learners’ needs and explore group reflection. Guidance was given on disseminating the results through social media.

The training continued with discussions on assessment principles and interactive teaching techniques such as integrating quizzes, case studies and role-playing in their lessons. Activities like group discussions, debates, and peer teaching were covered, along with Jigsaw Activities, Concept Mapping, Station Method, and Peer-coaching. The final day involved exploring Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques, adapting online instruments for e-learning platforms, and concluding with evaluation, feedback, and the awarding of certificates.


Location: Constanta, Romania
Date: 25-29 August 2023

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