The second DIFA55 Seminar in Valladolid, March 2023, Spain

On the 15th of March 2023, Formative Footprint invited different trainers and educators of adults from the area of Medina del Campo to an informal round table, in order to get to know about DIFA55+ Erasmus+ project. Every educator took the chance to introduce a complementary project or programme in the field of adult education, with an overall complementarity to the Web App every day digital skills assessment. So, the digitalization of more aged learners was centric for the event, and provided insights about the most efficient ways to teach and learn about ICTs for over 55+ adepts.

The researcher from Formative Footprint, Enrico Fontana, introduced DIFA55+ project to the different trainers and educators, showing the first two results of the project, emphasizing on both usability potential, and adaptability of the shared tools and practices in the different adult education classes and topics.

The attendants were active listeners, and promoters of further actions that contemplates the integration of DIFA55+ project results into their day-to-day activities (including sports and arts ones). Formative Footprint speaker remarked the adaptability and usability of the digital practices for over 55 adults collected in PR1 and the relevance of the Web App digital skills assessment through PR2. As the attendance to the event were mainly educators, FF speakers highlighted the Competence Map for digital knowledge, skills and attitudes that educators should assess and enhance. Finally, the Web App for every day digital skills assessment by the adult trainee was presented and discussed deeply, raising suggestions on it. After every result introduction, attendants provided feedback to Formative Footprint researcher.



Location: Valladolid, Spain

Date: 15th of March 2023

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