Piloting the DIFA55 App, April 2023, Romania

The Voluntariat pentru Viață Association from Marasesti, Romania organized on the 21st of April a workshop aimed at equipping more than 20 people with the necessary skills to become digital facilitators for people over 55 and beyond. The workshop took place at the organization’s headquarters and consisted of practical classes and interactive sessions to help participants get comfortable with the features and functionalities of the DIFA55 App. The workshop was carried out in the framework of the DIFA+55 project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

During the workshop, participants were introduced to the basic functions of the application, including how to create an account, navigate the interface and use its various tools. They were also shown how to facilitate virtual meetings, send and receive messages and organise digital events. Training was provided by a team of experienced trainers who were patient and took time to answer participants’ questions and provide individual support when needed. The workshop was practical in nature and focused mainly on interactive activities and the creation of real-life scenarios that participants discussed and solved together.

The workshop was a great success and participants left with a new set of digital skills and the confidence to share their knowledge with people over 55. The participants came from different institutions and organisations such as C.S.E.I Măicănești, Garoafa Secondary School, Pufești Secondary School, Gugești Secondary School, Ecaterina Teodoroiu Secondary School Mărășești, Liceul Tehnic E. Grigorescu Mărășești, Pro Patria Vox Association, and Life Learning Education Constanta Association.

Read the press release here.


Location: Marasesti, Romania

Date: 21st of April 2023

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