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The participation rate of adults in the European Union in lifelong learning programs stands at 11.1%, with 0.2 percentage points above the level of the previous year. Romania is in the last place, with a rate of only 0.9% (Eurostat). Meanwhile, the EU target is having at least 15% adult participation in learning by 2020. Increasing fair access and participation in adult education is vital. With these figures, our association took a step forward and organized training courses for adult educators staff. The aim of this action is to provide the training staff and managers with the key competences they need to have in the field of adult education in order to carry out all training activities in accordance with European standards.

Key competences


Financial literacy course for adults

The world is in continuous transformation. To keep up, adults need education not for the sake of it, but to be able to understand and apply learning in their every day life. One of the key competences is STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics including financial education). We help adult gain the attitudes, skills and behaviors they need. 


Digital literacy course for adults

The digitization is part our every day life. Some may think that retired people, or those already employed don’t need digital training. However, we all need to communicate online, to browse the web, to pay bills from the comfort of our homes, to shop online or to use Google Maps to travel. This is the kind of digital education we provide for adults.


Entrepreneurship course for adults

If you search the web for entrepreneurs, you will find Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and so on. What about the rest of us? Those who run or want to start a family business, or those who what to scale-up their service firm? We support all those adults who what to get the right mindset and the basic skills. 

What’s our plan

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra, former New York Yankees catcher

Therefore we defined our strategic objectives in adult education for the 2021-2025 period,

Objective 1

Strengthening the organization’s capacity to develop STEM, digital and adult entrepreneurship skills in RO and to improve the teaching skills of adult educators in RO and EU.​

Objective 2

Improving the competencies of adult educators in the organization to develop and implement flexible teaching programs adapted to adults in national and European networks.

Objective 3

Facilitating access and providing a learning context for improving the key STEM, digital and entrepreneurial skills of adults, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Objective 4

Increasing the degree of civic and social participation of stakeholders, including small providers and grassroots organizations from local communities in adult education.

Adult Education 4 All


Adult Education for NGO

To address the needs of adults in our local community and across Europe, we help organisations to enhance their capabilities. We do this by connecting them to European networks to transfer know-how, strengthening local partnerships and increasing their capacity to develop and implement adult learning programs.


Courses for adult educators

Strengthening capacity of organisations distinctly implies the need to improve the competencies of adult educators in organizations to provide adult education. This requires to increase their teaching skills, professionalization of staff to implement learning programs and improving the competences of disadvantaged adult educators.


Courses for adults in communities

We support adult education to meet the needs of the community. One of the key areas of intervention is the civic and social participation of adult education stakeholders, to improve the social inclusion of people at risk of marginalization, to reduce unemployment, to combat functional illiteracy and poverty.

Helping adult educators to assist you


EU Adult Education Policy course

Working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds​ is challenging and we need to deepen our understanding in this area. To do that, we establish new contacts and partnerships and learn from adult education experts across Europe. They share experiences and good practices with us, so we can further support our local community and other European adult educators.


Digital Skills of Adult Education Staff

Disadvantaged adult groups find themselves in the risk of social exclusion. To help them, we need to guide and train adult educators in using ICT tools and digital methods to provide basic skills training to adults. We offer the opportunity to improve by sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices to foster employability of low-skilled adults.


Train the adult trainer

It is undeniable that adult education staff perform a wide range of tasks and activities and they need a wide skillset. Therefore, it is essential to have various qualifications. We equip them with with in depth knowledge of the various types of learning as well as with the necessary skills in order to deliver interesting training that will fully engage attendees. 


Career guidance in adult education

Adult learners need support and guidance. Not only on the actual learning taking place, but also in other work, career and further education. The specific guidance depends on the aims and goals of the adult education delivered. We prepare adult educators in the topics of coaching, counselling, psychological and competence assessment, consultation, vocational guidance and referrals.

ADULTEDU events across Europe

Why do I join?

Erasmus+ courses are good opportunities to take part in professional development activities and to gain new transferable skills for your career. If you want to participate in training and assignments at adult education organizations abroad, you need to come and meet our experts. Join our community!

Erasmus and ESC

Who can join?

Eligible candidates for training periods abroad are collaborators, educators and staff​ from our association. Why? Because the purpose of our Erasmus+ mobilities is to meet different people, exchange good practices, improve own pedagogical skills and give back into community. You will take part in preparation activities, mobility abroad and sharing results with our adult learners.

Our Erasmus mobilities are carefully prepared to support you to develop skills and competencies and to become a successful adult educator. Together with our European partners, we organize courses and events to share good practices and promote adult education.

We share what works!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

A multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of NGOs from Romania, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Poland together with 16 associated partners will work for you. Follow us to develop your competencies and skills to become a professional adult educator. Find more about our activities.

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