Remote learning methods

In a world that is constantly evolving and advancing in technology, the Team4Excellence team has come to the aid of developing courses and making it easier for educators to adapt to the new online teaching model. They offer flexibility in accessing and learning educational content, allowing people around the world to improve their skills and develop their knowledge without being limited by geographical or time factors and giving students the opportunity to experience quality learning.

As part of this event and as an opportunity to help quality learning, the Team4Excellence team led by Prof. Dr. Ing. Nicoleta Acomi organized during 25-29.03.2024 a course attended by 8 teachers of different specialties from Turkey. They had the opportunity to develop their knowledge about teaching in online environment and to achieve a closer connection between student and teacher. In addition to this course, the participants had the opportunity to participate in extracurricular events including getting to know the city of Constanta and visiting the Maritime University of Constanta.

At the end of this course participants obtained diplomas that attest their knowledge, but they also have unforgettable memories on the Dobrogean land.

Location: Agigea, Romania

Date: 25-29th March 2024

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