Beehive Training Course, April 2024, Bulgaria

During the 3-9 April 2024, TEAM4Excellence participated in the Training Course: “Upskilling and reskilling trainers through innovative Virtual Reality teaching strategies for adult education”. It was hosted by the Coworking space Varna Association at Beehive coworking space in Varna, Bulgaria. This comprehensive 7-day course aimed to equip educators with pioneering methodologies leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) to redefine innovative pedagogical practices for adult educators and digital facilitators for adults.

Participants were guided through an immersive exploration of VR by an experienced facilitator, unraveling the intricacies of VR technology. Commencing with an in-depth examination of VR hardware and software, educators progressed to hands-on workshops aimed at crafting personalized VR experiences tailored to educational contexts.

Furthermore, the program aimed to incorporate 360-degree photography, providing educators with the tools to capture breathtaking panoramic vistas and curate digital galleries of captivating imagery and videos. Participants not only learned the best practices in 360-degree photography but also had the opportunity to refine their skills through the use of various digital editing tools, allowing educators to edit and enhance their videos and photos to seamlessly integrate them into their digital collections of best photos.

Moreover, participants engaged with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools, harnessing AI-driven text-to-speech technology to enhance multimedia content creation. Educators explored the capabilities of various AI language models to generate descriptive text for each 360-degree image captured. They then had the opportunity to compare the results and select the most suitable text for their digital collections. Additionally, educators learned how to record voiceovers or generate text-to-speech using AI voices, allowing them to add audio narration to their photos. By leveraging AI technology, participants created compelling multimedia content for their educational materials.

Advancing further, educators delved into the creation of immersive VR videos, mastering techniques in VR video production and storytelling. Equipped with newfound expertise, participants seamlessly navigated VR platforms to disseminate their creations on various digital platforms, fostering immersive learning experiences for diverse audiences.

The program culminated with an exploration of 3D modeling and printing, providing educators with invaluable insights into additive manufacturing’s potential in educational settings. Through practical workshops, participants honed their proficiency in 3D modeling, culminating in the realization of their designs through 3D printing technology.


Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Date: 3 – 9 April 2024

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