Preparatory Seminar for Adult Training, August 2023, Hybrid

On 16 August, TEAM4Excellence Association from Constanta, Romania, organised a hybrid meeting with the 12 participants of the “Train the trainers for building social entrepreneurial skills of adults” training provided by Varna Economic Development Agency in Bulgaria; between 18 and 27 August. 

Nicoleta Acomi discussed with the participants the content of the course, the program, the organization of the departure, the infopack, the necessary documents and the methods of dissemination of the training. The training was organised within the Erasmus+ project “Improving Adult Education Capabilities – AdultEdu“, which aims to improve the key competences of adult education professionals and increase the quality of adult education through cooperation and training in a European context.

The 12 participants were selected on the basis of their communication skills, teaching skills, project experience teamwork, willingness to transfer the information obtained during the mobility through follow-up, skills in producing good practice materials within the project and willingness for personal development. Some of the participants came to the TEAM4Excellence office and the others participated online via Google Meet. During the meeting we answered their questions, set expectations and gave more details on how the training will be facilitated.

The key points of the training focused on developing the capacity to identify the needs of adult education organisations in the field of entrepreneurial competences and to exchange good practices, as well as the capacity to use digital tools for planning and managing educational projects in adult education organisations. With the help of the trainers, participants developed their understanding of the importance of social entrepreneurship for people with opportunities and the ability to identify the most modern entrepreneurial initiatives.


Location: Hybrid
Date: 16 August 2023

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