Reflective and respectful learning environment

Training course “Working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds”, Santa Cruz

The use of theater and role-playing to teach social skills to adult learners from disadvantaged backgrounds is powerfully effective. The theater is a universal form of human expression found in cultures all over the world and throughout history.

During the 7-day course in Tenerife, our education staff together with other fourteen European educators from Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland practiced empathy, non-verbal and para-verbal communication reinforcing trust and respect. In addition, they applied effective relaxation techniques and movement-based activities to be further used in the education of learners with special needs.

Guided by highly experienced professionals in the art of therapeutic theatre, participants learned to use drama to represent externally what takes place internally. Thanks to Pilar Lopez Gomez, Director of the Therapeutic Theater, the scene alternative de arts “#LaNaveDeLaTribu” from Santa Cruz, became participants’ scene where they practiced and expressed their own feelings in a relaxing and professional manner.

During the exercises, adult educators become proficient in placing participants, specifically disadvantaged learners, in a leadership role when they might not be chosen as a leader in a traditional educational setting. This increases self-esteem, which crosses over into the classroom to support success in all taught subjects.

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Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Date: 26th of July – 1st of August 2021


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