Online Preparatory Meeting Italy, March 2024

On 12 March 2024, TEAM4Excellence organised the online preparatory meeting for the training course: “Empowering Educators: Digital Transformation in Adult Learning”.

This 7-day course offers the opportunity for adult education professionals and digital facilitators to develop basic skills in digital operation, planning and personal data protection, representing an adaptation to the current level of technology. The course focuses on adapting to online teaching and learning, giving participants a deeper understanding of the use of equipment and interactive teaching modalities to manage educational projects in adult education organizations.

Thus, through this course, you acquire not only technical knowledge, but also practical skills and strategies for designing instructional activities and facilitate workshops to improve the basic digital skills of adults, preparing them to successfully face the challenges and opportunities offered by the ever-changing digital environment.

To ensure smooth coordination and a comprehensive grasp of the course scope, participants convened for a preparatory meeting. Here, they received an overview of the course program, venue details, and communication protocols. Additionally, the session provided insights into the course agenda.

During the meeting, attendees brainstormed ways to actively contribute to achieving course objectives. The focus was on leveraging interactive teaching tools such as Kahoot, Mentimeter, Padlet, and Canva, helping to create dynamic learning environments. Discussions also touched on evaluation methods, including formal assessments and self-reflection exercises, meant to empower participants to track their progress.

Administrative arrangements encompassed cultural insights into the host organization and the course locale. Considerations for risk assessment, ICT readiness, and language support using audio Google Translate were also addressed to guarantee the course success. Participants discussed strategies for gathering educational materials and sharing insights post-course, ensuring a continuous learning journey beyond the program.


Location: Online

Date: 12 March 2024

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