Online Preparatory Meeting Bulgaria, March 2024

On 29 March 2024, TEAM4Excellence organised the online preparatory meeting for the training course: ” Upskilling and reskilling trainers through innovative Virtual Reality teaching strategies for adult education “.

The 7-day course offers a unique opportunity for adult education professionals to enhance their key competences by gaining insights into digital tools and virtual reality within educational projects. Participants will learn the designing and video editing for VR, equipping themselves with essential skills to keep up with the evolution of adult education.

In order for the event to run smoothly and to understand the scope of the program, project and course, the participants attended a preparatory meeting where they were presented the course programme, printed and digital resources.

During the preparatory meeting, participants engaged in discussions about how they could contribute to achieving the objectives of the upcoming course. A key focus was on utilizing ICT tools to enhance teaching and make the course interactive. Various engaging tools were explored, including Canva, Mentimeter, Padlet, Google Forms, Wordwall and others. The meeting also touched upon the importance of evaluation, with recommendations for both formal assessments and self-reflection activities to help participants review their learning achievements.

Administrative preparations covered cultural insights into the host organization, and the course location. Risk assessment measures, ICT readiness, language support using audio Google Translate, and certification procedures were also addressed to ensure course success.

The training session itself requires daily participation and involvement, featuring both theoretical and practical activities. Participants also discussed the process for collecting educational materials and post-course sharing activities.


Location: Online

Date: 29 March 2024

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