Adult Training and Job Shadowing, October 2023, Romania

Between 26 and 30 October 2023, 7 participants from Konya, Turkey came on a group mobility to TEAM4Excellence in Constanta, Romania to improve their digital skills. Directorate for Education from Konya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü organization sent 7 participants who for five days were adult learners within our AdultEdu Erasmus+ non-formal education programme.

On the first day, we started with an introduction of participants to create a sense of community. They had the opportunity to network and make new connections. TEAM4Excellence presented their training programs, and the participants gained insights into their vision and mission. We also discussed about their expectations for both the training course and job shadowing program.

The training course focused on enhancing their pedagogical skills and understanding how pedagogical approaches are integrated into teaching. For job shadowing, they delved into cultural and environmental awareness and effective classroom management strategies. Participants learned about instructional design to develop course content and discovered how to integrate technology into the education process. We also explored practices for making education more accessible and inclusive. They gained insights into tools like PPT, Word, and web accessibility. We showcased successful practices in education, providing valuable insights.

For job shadowing, we delved into the fundamental elements and principles of evaluation processes and explored the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. They learned how to evaluate teachers’ performance and provide constructive feedback and enhanced their communication skills and developed a strategic mindset to set long-term goals.

We guided them on implementing development programs and offered a visit to the Training Centre of Constanta Maritime University. Finally, they reflected on your journey, received feedback, and celebrated their achievements with the award of certificates.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 26-30 October 2023

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