Using ICT for inclusion

Training course “Using ICT for inclusion”, Czestochowa, Poland

“Any program for implementing ICT in adult learning should cover ICT infrastructure, hardware, digital learning resources and digital skills for educators.”, (European Commission, Improving Policy and Provision for Adult Learning in Europe, ET2020).

Considering and adhering to the above model promoted by EC for implementing ICT in Adult Learning, we decided to take action and enroll our organization staff in a training course for using TIC for inclusion.

In august 2021, our team participated in a 7-day course to improve their digital skills and acquire new tools and techniques to work with disadvantaged groups, adults with special needs and learners at risk of exclusion.

Through online applications and programs, the trainers guided participants in using ICT and digital methods to provide basic skills training to adults. Together, we explored the skills needed in different contexts and improved our own competencies by sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices.

The training added value and created synergies between trainers and trainees, giving a broad understanding of the importance of effective dialogue between adult educators, adult learners, their families, and society.

Read the press release here.

Location: Czestochowa, Poland

Date: 18-24th of August 2021


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