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Under the title “Let me tell you… A call to illusion to make empty Europe and seniors feel part of the 21st century through training in digital skills” we present the main purpose of increasing the digital skills of senior adults and making them feel an active part of society; in addition to improve the tourist offer of rural areas while at the same time enhancing the value of our rich European heritage. The consortium consists of five partner organisations from Spain, Romania, Poland and Greece. Together, partners are committed to achieve project results to effectively and tangibly enhance the value of our rich cultural heritage. Most of such heritage is unknown, but becomes a source of pride for the villages involved with help from this project.




We want to promote the rural tourism and to understand more about forgotten cultural areas with the help of local seniors. Rural areas are becoming more and more depopulated, and often those who choose to remain are senior citizens. They should not feel isolated.

To fight the digital divide and to help seniors feel socially included we teach them digital skills and we promote their knowledge about our cultural heritage.


Moodle online training course

We address educators and digital trainers specializing in adult education to teach senior adults basic digital and videomaking skills.

By joining forces with them, we deliver digital adult education training courses to create videos promoting rural tourism!

Do you know anyone interested in improving their skills? Or maybe you know of a village in Europe that deserves more visibility. Let us know!



Our team of partners is working on a methodology for adult educators and on a platform where the project results made in cooperation with locals and stakeholders.

We promote rural tourism in Europe with the help of the locals by creating educational videos which can be accessed online or via QR codes in location. We bring different and innovative ways to attract visitors’ attention, which will benefit all economic sectors of the area.

We never stop working for you

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By learning how to use ICT, we aim to increase seniors’ skills to enable them to carry out small daily tasks on their own. This improves their quality of life and increases social cohesion and helps to bridge the digital divide. The main focus is on the adaptation of tourism to the “digital era” thanks to the series of informative videos, which consists of the creation of a new and attractive tourism resource. We are giving their rightful place to those places that are witnessing a steady loss of population. At the same time, we are willing to see the number of tourists they receive start to increase.

How we work

We create an innovative learning environment for teaching and learning digital skills.

Because we chose innovative teaching methods, we started from an analysis of the needs of our target groups. We took into account their opinions expressed in Focus Groups.

We encourage trainers to take maximum advantages of digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways to learn how to promote European culture through audio-visual methods.

The learning methodology is published to support the transferability of knowledge for adult educators.

Benefits of the platform

Open access – login without bureaucratic obligations. 

Learning opportunities – improve digital skills and social inclusion of senior people

Adult educators develop key competences and skills to foster personal development of seniors

International collaboration between adult education organizations, tourism stakeholders, digital facilitators and seniors from the countryside

Promoting the rural tourism and cultural heritage in Europe with the help of seniors

Events across Europe

Priority: Increase the awareness of adult educators, adult learners and tourism stakeholders about our “NEW DIGITAL TOURISM IS POSSIBLE” platform and about our adult training with seniors.

If you chose to attend to our activities, you should find out how to improve your relevant skills and get recognition for the skills you already own. We guide you to assess the acquired skills and build gradually your digital skills portfolio.

We share what works!

Engage with likeminded people!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

A multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of four NGOs from Spain, Romania, Greece and Poland together with another associated partners is working for you. Thus, you benefit from a multilingual non-formal learning environment. Find more about our activities.

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