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The circular economy involves markets that provide incentives to reuse products, rather than throwing them away and then extracting new resources. The consortium of partners of the project “Promoting circular economy thinking and opportunities among NEETs and low-skilled adults” consists of organisations from Spain, Romania, Austria, Greece and Italy. We aim to support NEETs in using the potential of the circular economy by equipping them with the necessary skills and tools, thus facilitating their entry into the labour market and contributing to the development of a fairer and more sustainable economy.

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Training courses for adult educators

Switching to a circular economic model will assist your business idea in meeting and exceeding its sustainability targets. It will reduce resource usage, reduce waste output, and boost overall efficiency. By increasing understanding and motivation of adult educators, we are here to develop new links between entrepreneurship and the circular economy!


Moodle online training course

We want to arise real measurable impact through the adult education community by helping them build an eco-consciousness, and a stronger connection and commitment between training and labour market. Our project results are supporting them to use opportunities Circular Economy can provide and develop their own entrepreneurial initiatives.


Learning opportunities for elderly

The THINK CirEco partners develop 2 project results: one Training Material and one Online Learning Platform. Our hands-on tools support involved partner organizations, professionals and adults to use the potential of Circular Economy. In this way we will bring more value to the community while helping the environment, the NEETs and adult educators!

What do staff and volunteers need for the NEETs

A 3-step process made easy

We designed a simple 3-step process to help adult educators and social service providers ease their work and empower the NEETs and low-skilled adults to become active citizens at the same time. Here is how it works:


1. Understand the needs

Our results are built around the needs of our target groups. Initially we held Focus Groups with low skilled youth, NEETs, and adult educators to see their relationship with Circular Economy practices. Specifically, what is their level of knowledge and how can entrepreneurship education be integrated in supporting the Circular Economy. Our needs analyses help you better understand the context and the state of the non-formal education around the topic of reintegrating young people into the labour market through the Circular Economy.

2. Upskill trainers

The partners are developing a teaching methodology for adult educators, trainers and coaches who work with young people with fewer opportunities. This methodology supports the development of entrepreneurial skills in the field of circular economy through practical methods. Within the project, workshops and events are organized for young people to promote the benefits that knowledge about the Circular Economy offers. In these events we use transferable methods for youth educators and adult education organisations.

3. Our community

Another result we are working on is the THINKCirEco Community. It consists of an online platform for adult educators and trainers to support their work with NEETs to adapt the EntreComp skills framework to the specific context and characteristics of the circular economy. We promote and facilitate entrepreneurial skills and to help learners develop an environmental awareness and achieve a stronger link and engagement between training and the labour market. Become a part of our community of trainers and learners!

Community of practice to support the youth

How can I join

It has never been easier to join our community! All you need is a genuine desire to support the youth before signing a cooperation agreement with our European consortium. Entering the THINK CirEco Community of Practice is free of charge and there is no hidden cost (e.g. taxes, membership fees, etc.). Please get in touch with us to provide you the draft agreement.

We share what works!

Engage with likeminded people!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

The project is carried out by a multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of 6 organisations from 5 EU countries: Romania, Spain, Austria, Greece and Italy. THINK CirEco is a good chance for us to enhance our capabilities of working with youth and low-skilled adults. Find more about our activities.

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