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FUTURE targets the enhancement of green and digital competences among youth workers and young individuals, with a particular emphasis on NEETs, the unemployed, and those with limited skills. This initiative aims to bolster their sense of initiative, entrepreneurship, and employability prospects. FUTURE facilitates the partnership of those who share a commitment to fostering both skill and responsibility in youth education with a newly established partnership led by an association from Portugal together with European partners from Romania, Spain, Greece and Lithuania. We decided to move things forward and proposed an innovative learning environment for teaching and learning how to support the NEETs with new skills.


Training courses for adult educators

Our project aims to reduce youth unemployment, which increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing green, digital and entrepreneurial skills. The pandemic also brought a higher necessity of digital and green empowered entrepreneurs, ready to face the challenges of the lock-down and the pandemic in general. Come to find our innovative solutions for sustainable enterprises!


Moodle online training course

This course serve for youth and youth workers to develop their digital and green competences and apply it in the entrepreneurship field, in order to ensure successful and sustainable businesses, performing in the 21st century labour market. Each Module contains an e-book, audio book, presentations for each chapter and evaluation quizzes. Join us to get transformed!


Learning opportunities for elderly

By creating an entrepreneurial coaching platform, a Toolkit to create Green and Digital Business plans and implementing a training course and a piloting plan, we provide the needed educational resources to youth workers to implement them in their daily work with youth that need to improve their readiness and capacity to be able to integrate into the labour market.

What do staff and volunteers need for supporting the NEETs

A 3-step process made easy

We designed a simple 3-step process to help health and social service providers ease their work and empower youth to become valuable citizens at the same time. Here is how it works:


1. Understand needs

NEETs have varied backgrounds and skill levels. Offering customized learning pathways that cater to their individual strengths and needs can help them build digital literacy, entrepreneurial mindset, and green awareness effectively.

Engaging mentors and experienced professionals can provide NEETs with valuable insights, guidance, and real-world perspectives. Mentorship programs can help them navigate challenges and develop a deeper understanding of the skills they are acquiring.

2. Upskill trainers

If we address these needs, stakeholders can create a more inclusive and effective learning environment for NEETs, equipping them with the digital, entrepreneurial, and green skills needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

By trainers we mean adult trainers, educators or coordinators of health and social services providers who want to inspire and train people working with youth, including their volunteers and staff, to become coaches for the NEETs who are interested in learning and contributing to society.

3. Train professionals

The landscape of digital, green, and entrepreneurial fields is dynamic. Youth workers need training that emphasizes adaptability and encourages them to stay updated with the latest tools and methods to effectively teach these skills.

Just as NEETs need ongoing learning, youth workers also benefit from continuous professional development. Through our training sessions, workshops, and online resources we will help you to better achieve your mission to support the learning for others.

Community of practice to support youth education


What is

The FUTURE Community of Practice is an initiative to share the best practices and experiences about working with youth with the aim to improve services for the NEETs. We invite you to cooperate with us in monitoring the effectiveness of the policies for the next generations.


Why joining

Entering the FUTURE Community of Practice offers your organisation the opportunity to engage with relevant stakeholders, participate in our events, take part in the policy monitoring mechanism and addressing decision-makers and interest groups at local, regional, national and European level.

Who can join

As an organisation who works directly with youth and youth workers, you may be a social service provider, a training center, an association which supports the needs of the low-skilled young adults, a funding body, a state agency, a local, regional or national authority.

How can I join

It has never been easier to join our community! All you need is a genuine desire to support youth education before signing a cooperation agreement with our European consortium. Entering the FUTURE Community of Practice is free of charge and there is no hidden cost (e.g. taxes, membership fees, etc.). Please get in touch with us to provide you the draft agreement.

We share what works!

Engage with likeminded people!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

The project is carried out by a multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of 5 organisations from 5 EU countries: Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Greece and Spain. FUTURE is a good chance for us to enhance our capabilities of working with youth​. Find more about our activities.

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