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Join us in addressing the critical need for skilled professionals in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The EU Skills Agenda emphasizes the importance of equipping individuals with the right skills for the evolving world of work. However, there is a significant shortage of green talent to meet the growing demand for a skilled green workforce. The Green Hive project is a collaborative initiative with partners from Ireland, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Our mission is to bridge the skills gap and cultivate a sustainable workforce in the transition to an environmentally conscious economy.


Training courses for adult educators

We promote lifelong learning by implementing direct actions to enhance VET stakeholders’ sustainability competence. Through the integration of European GreenComp concepts, we equip educators with powerful tools to foster learners’ knowledge, attitude, and skills in four key competence areas. Moreover, we support sustainable education to shape a greener future through innovative VET resources!


GreenHive trainers

Green Hive is a transformative project specifically designed to empower VET educators in preparing learners for the digital and green transitions. Complementing existing initiatives, we focus on enhancing the professional development by fostering cross-sectoral dialogue and researching the skills needs and the best practices. Together, we improve the quality and effectiveness of education!


GreenHive platform

Green Hive delivers a comprehensive toolkit for VET institutions to establish and manage internal sustainability education hubs. It includes a How-to Guide, Canvases for hub management, and a MOOC for trainers. Our versatile materials can be adopted by various educational providers to develop sustainability competences and address sustainability challenges. Join us in shaping a sustainable future through education.

How do we support VET educators

A 3-step process made easy

We designed a simple 3-step process to help VET institutions ease their work and empower educators to become sustainable professionals. Here is how it works:


1. Understand needs

We rely on our VET professionals in developing our comprehensive research, involving them directly. The research collects recommendations on their unique challenges and aspirations, existing needs and knowledge of sustainable practices. Through qualitative analysis and expert interviews, we uncover valuable insights from teachers, trainers, school directors, and policymakers. By understanding their perspectives, we pave the way for innovative and tailored educational materials that truly resonate with learners. Keep an eye on our training courses and toolkits. Join us in unlocking the potential of GreenComp competencies!

2. Upskill trainers

Our project equips VET educators with tools to build local multi-stakeholder sustainability hubs. These hubs activate co-creation processes, fostering sustainable development and adapting VET to meet labor market needs. With a long-term cooperation platform connecting the hubs, knowledge and know-how transfer across sectors and countries becomes seamless. Become part of our Green Hive vibrant community of educators dedicated into shaping the future. Together, we can create a transformative learning environment that empowers individuals, bridges skill gaps, and drives positive change in VET for the benefit of all.

3. Train professionals

Our consortium is committed to upskill and retrain teachers and trainers! It is essential to empower these educational professionals with the knowledge and expertise required to prepare learners for the green transition. We provide a comprehensive 9-module MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) targeting adult and VET educators. This course is available in English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Greek and covers essential topics such as the EU sustainability competence framework, best practices in implementing the GreenComp, system innovation approaches to fostering sustainability competences in VET, and the six domains for managing and nurturing Green hubs.

Community of practice to support sustainable education

Discover our dynamic multi-language digital platform designed to revolutionize VET education. Access our educational resources, contributed by our collaborative hubs, and explore exciting capacity-building opportunities. Engage in co-creation through our Activity tool, allowing hubs to co-design educational activities with students and local stakeholders.

How can I join

It has never been easier to join our community! All you need is a genuine desire to support VET education before signing a cooperation agreement with our European consortium. Entering the Green Hive Community of Practice is free of charge and there is no hidden cost (e.g. taxes, membership fees, etc.). Please get in touch with us to provide you the draft agreement.

We share what works!

Engage with likeminded people!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

The project is carried out by a multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of 5 organisations from 5 EU countries: Ireland, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Green Hive is a good chance for us to enhance our capabilities of working with VET. Find more about our activities.

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