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 Five partners from Cyprus, Romania, Ireland, Greece and Spain work to develop an innovative approach to education that will use the medium of podcasting to integrate NEETs in education and training. We believe that through podcasting, NEETs will be able to develop an individualised career pathway that makes the most of the knowledge and skills they already possess; and can further develop their digital skills and literacies so that they can re-engage in the labour market. Our project attempts to build the self-confidence of learners so that they become more open to outside ideas and education offerings and to train the NEETs to make their own podcasts, from the comfort of their own homes.

With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.

– Dalai Lama



Joined forces to combat the problems of NEETs. Because we value your ideas and opinions about quality education, we invite you to be part of our community!

The Platform will also contain a space where any podcasts developed by NEETS and youth workers can be uploaded so that they can freely share their content with the world.

Good things will happen! We proudly announce My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources which will offer you valuable self-help resources that are specifically for NEETs to support them to manage their mental health and well-being!

Moodle online training course

Through Online training we want to give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge. It is your chance to gain new skills to put your passion into practice. You will develop your skills and attitudes that can contribute to your employability, mental health and personal development. Nevertheless, it is your turn to spread awareness in your community!   

With the online training you will learn to work with the most commonly available media devices like smartphones to research and record your own podcasts and open-source software to edit and produce your podcast.


Digital Citizenship training course
  • Research skills, developed in conceptualising the theme or idea for a podcast
  • Literacy, addressed through the writing of a script of a podcast
  • Numeracy, highlighted through the creation of a budget for a podcast
  • Digital skills, learned in the production and editing of a podcast
  • Inter-personal skills, developed through the engagement of others in interviews
  • Planning and time management skills

We never stop working for you

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Many of young adults between 18 and 35 years old are referred to as NEETs – Not in Education, Employment, or Training. In fact, the EU average percentage of NEETs stood at 17.6% (Eurostat) and this is almost 1 in 5 young adults in some countries. At the same time, studies showed us that 44% of respondents from the same age group said that they listen to podcasts regularly and the podcast is likely to develop into a crucial, if not dominant part of the audio world in the not-so-distant future.

Our aim is to renew the sense of self, purpose and confidence among NEETs through the In-service Training Programme for Youth Workers, Mental Health Toolkit, Podcasts Curriculum and the Online Space and Community of Practice. In this way we follow to increase awareness among youth professionals regarding the barriers and obstacles that NEETs face when it comes to engagement and to help them gain the necessary skills to have their voice heard and earn an income.

How we work

We create an innovative learning environment for teaching and learning digital and personal development skills.

Because we chose innovative teaching methods, our learners can select the lesson that fits with their learning style.

We encourage trainers to take maximum advantages of digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways.

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) provide to youth workers flexible ways to learn how to promote podcasts as a self-expression tool for making income to young people.

Benefits of our platform

Open access – login without bureaucratic obligations. 

Learning opportunities – improve employability and social inclusion of young people

Youth workers develop key competences and skills to foster personal development of youth

International collaboration between youth, youth workers and youth organizations

Promote the youth work and the recognition of youth work in Romania, in partners countries and everywhere across Europe

Events across Europe

In Service Training Programme

Induction Session

EN | RO | EL | ES

Face To Face Workshops

EN | RO | EL | ES

Self Directed Learning

EN | RO | EL | ES

My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources

1. Dealing with Anxiety

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

2. Growth Mindset

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

3. Navigating Relationships

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

4. Staying Focused

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

5. Building Self Confidence

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

6. Mindfulness

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

7. Sleep Routine

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

8. Stress Management

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

9. Improving Soft Skills

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

10. Social Media

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

11. Sustainable Living

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

12. Switching Off

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

13. Motivating Myself

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

14. Healthy Habits

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

15. Goal Setting

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

16. Active Living

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

17. Beating Burnout

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

18. Being More Productive

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

19. Breaking Bad Habits

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

20. Dealing with Change

Activity: EN | RO | EL | ES

Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum

Learning through Podcasts Curriculum

EN | RO | EL | ES

Podcast Episodes

We share what works!

Engage with likeminded people!

Our Partners

Find out all the partners which are part of our family!

A multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of five NGOs from Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Spain and Ireland together with other partners will work for you. Thus, you will benefit from a multilingual non-formal learning environment. Find more about our activities.

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