PodSquad Learning Teaching Training Activities in Ireland, October 2022

Between October 24 and 28 2022, we participated in an LTTA session organized by our partners Future in Perspective in Virginia, Ireland. Because our Erasmus+ PodSquad project focuses mainly on the medium of podcasting to integrate NEETs in education and training, delegates from Cyprus, Romania, Ireland, Greece and Spain learned more about:

  • Audio recording, graphic design and audio editing
  • Some alternative “low-budget” equipment that can be used to create professional sounding recordings
  • How to choose the best podcast themes and how to implement them
  • The experience of professionals who work in media

By the end of the week participants recorded and produced 10 short podcasts. The topics of the second project result “My Mental Health” were chosen by the participants. This gave the participants the opportunity to have a stake in the project and its end results by directly choosing topics that mean something to them. Each participant had to choose two topics for the cartoons which will be produced at a later date.


Location: Virginia, Ireland

Date: 24th-28th of October 2022

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