PODSQUAD Workshop, April 2024, Romania

On the 16th of April 25th, our members from TEAM4Excellence organized a workshop event to present the PODSQUAD project results and materials to key local and regional stakeholders. During the event, organizers presented the project results and their integration in youth work

• R1: In Service Training Programme
• R2: My Mental Health Toolkit of Resources
• R3: Embedded Learning through Podcasts Curriculum
• R4: Online Space and Community of Practice

Youth workers and educators from our networks and youth as beneficiaries of the results, key multipliers, representatives of youth work centres, NGOs, teachers from training institutions active in the field of youth education, took part in the event to ensure that audience is as wide as possible to engage with the PODSQUAD results.

The event started with presentation of the PODSQUAD results, and we explained our approach to developing these results, in partnership with peers across Europe and with support of our Local Advisory Group members.

The second part of the event was an active session where groups of participants interacted with the results produced and engaged in the PODSQUAD workshop. They used the educational models resulted from the Erasmus project and created podcast scenario, exploring diverse themes and storytelling techniques. This exercise fostered creativity and help them to develop their skills in narrative development.

We encourage you to visit our Partnerships webpage to discover opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 16 April 2024

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