Author: Lison

Back to business!

And yes, we are still here. In case you were wondering what took us so long to be back, well, let me explain.  So in January, many things happened. First, we spent hours on paperwork. Because yes, not only the schools ask for reports, but also the European Union. As our project is financed by the European Commission (sort of), we have to give feedback and proof that we are not on holidays. Therefore we locked ourselves between four walls to write reports, blog articles, classify picture...
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First of all, happy new year 2020! May this year be better than the previous ones and full of love and health for you and your beloved ones. After a Christmas break in our respective countries (except for Guillaume who stayed in Constanta), we are back to continue and, sadly, finish the project within 2 months. We charged the batteries in order to be more productive and inspired to give more entertaining contents to the students. We’ll be working on the next activities, taking into account all ...
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It’s all about sharing

Two months and a half we are in Constanta and we’ve been asked many times if we noticed differences between the schools and the students here. Spoiler alert: yes, of course. We’ve been to more than five schools already and every time it was different. Classes from a same school can be completely different as two classes from different schools can be the same. But that isn’t really surprising. It depends on the students themselves. Indeed, who never said they had “a good group” or “a good class”...
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The new workshop story

October is over, so as the first workshop over social media. This week, we started a new activity we had some trouble to come up with to be honest. After the success of the first workshop, we wanted to do as good as we did on October but ideas didn’t show up easily. We spent hours and hours (during lunch, under the shower, while we were doing groceries, you know, every time and everywhere) thinking about what we could do. We designed and re-designed the workshop several times. As we knew we...
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A regular volunteering week

In case one may wonder... here is a sample of a volunteering week.  This is actually our second volunteering week. We started the week brainstorming about the activity for the Telecom highschool. It was our first workshop and it took us 3 hours (no joke) to come up with an entire activity. We were a bit nervous to meet our first group but it went pretty well. Day after day, we tried to improve our speeches, our presentation. We kept talking about what was good and what was wrong so we could be b...
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