First of all, happy new year 2020! May this year be better than the previous ones and full of love and health for you and your beloved ones.

After a Christmas break in our respective countries (except for Guillaume who stayed in Constanta), we are back to continue and, sadly, finish the project within 2 months. We charged the batteries in order to be more productive and inspired to give more entertaining contents to the students. We’ll be working on the next activities, taking into account all the feedback we collected, and be as spontaneous as we always were.

This break was necessary for each one of us -mostly not to kill each other after spending 2.208 hours together- to breath again and to think about what we did during the last 3 months. The fact that our families and friends asked us what we were doing in Constanta made us realize that the purpose of the project was not only meant for the students to think about their critical thinking skills but for us as well to think about our own. As we never came in Romania before, it allowed us to change our perspective (i.e get rid off the stereotypes and make our own opinion about it) and to open our mind even more.

So far, this experience enabled us to discover not only a country but amazing people. We already lived so many things, went through so many emotions that we are not ready not forget that experience soon. It is not over yet and we are excited to come up with more activities and see where this project leads us in the end.

See you around!