Two months and a half we are in Constanta and we’ve been asked many times if we noticed differences between the schools and the students here.

Spoiler alert: yes, of course. We’ve been to more than five schools already and every time it was different. Classes from a same school can be completely different as two classes from different schools can be the same. But that isn’t really surprising. It depends on the students themselves. Indeed, who never said they had “a good group” or “a good class”? The differences we noticed depend on the dynamic of the class itself.

Which is why it is difficult for us to say in advance if our activity will work. We always try them before doing it in class and we can be surprised or disappointed once we do actually do it. We try to come with fun activities as well as educational but as it is the first time for us all doing non-formal education, it is a little bit hard to reconcile both parts. However, the students are our point of reference and we know we can rely on them. We learn everyday with them: how to behave, how to talk with clear instructions, what they expect from us.

November is over and the month report will come soon, but we already can say that we’ve learned new things from our work with the students. Moreover, we’ve been attached to the kids in a way we didn’t expect. Hugs, compliments, morning breakfast, laughs and so on helped us to bond with them. So whether they are enthusiastic and involved in our activity or not really, in the end we like them all.