October is over, so as the first workshop over social media. This week, we started a new activity we had some trouble to come up with to be honest.

After the success of the first workshop, we wanted to do as good as we did on October but ideas didn’t show up easily. We spent hours and hours (during lunch, under the shower, while we were doing groceries, you know, every time and everywhere) thinking about what we could do. We designed and re-designed the workshop several times.

As we knew we had to have two hours with the same class this time, we had to came up with 2 activities. The first one, the quiz, was not hard to make. But the second one was. We wanted to discuss about Constanta with the youngsters; how they perceived their city, what they think about what could be improved. It was even more interesting that we could bring our perspective as people from abroad. Even though it was a success to the students in university, we realized that it would be way too complicated for pupils from high schools. We had to prepare something else but as I said before, the ideas went on vacation. However, on Wednesday, right before we had to leave, we found something that could be perfect for the pupils: instead of asking them about the city, they could think about what could be improved in their own school. Thanks to this workshop we asked them to take seriously, they were able to express their needs as pupils as we understood they didn’t have any representatives.

What we can say so far is that pupils have things to say about their school: they came up with great ideas to improve things and to make their life in high school better. Their works showed that they were involved and interested in doing such thing. As for the first workshop, we gave them a blank paper, few instructions, and let them be creative about the topic. And just as the first workshop, we were impressed by their ideas and creativity. We look forward to doing this workshop with other classes!