And yes, we are still here. In case you were wondering what took us so long to be back, well, let me explain.

So in January, many things happened. First, we spent hours on paperwork. Because yes, not only the schools ask for reports, but also the European Union. As our project is financed by the European Commission (sort of), we have to give feedback and proof that we are not on holidays. Therefore we locked ourselves between four walls to write reports, blog articles, classify pictures/papers for more than a week. It was time for us to reflect on what we’ve done so far and what impact we had on the young community of Constanta. According to the feedback, we had a positive impact which was our first goal by coming here.

After these crazy days, we took our days off to travel in Transylvania. If you are so excited to know what we’ve done and what we thought about it, you can read the previous article wrote by Laura. It’s worth it (on a complete neutral point of view….). After this enriching week, and because we knew it would be our last workshop with the high schools, we decided to finish on a Culture note. We worked on stereotypes and clichés, which was not only interesting for the students to know something different from one of our countries, but for us as well to learn what the others think about our country. By sharing, we understood that Culture connected us in a way and brought us closer rather than created a distance. Even though we knew that before, experiencing it brought us a different perspective and a clearer meaning.

As our project is ending soon, this workshop was a sort of conclusion which was necessary for the students to understand our job here, and for us to realize that we achieved our goal.

p.s. : we came back to the secondary school to do our first workshop (they were amazingly creative this time), so the circle is complete now.