LETme TELLyou Focus Group, April 2023, Romania

On April 27, TEAM4Excellence organised a focus group in Constanta, Romania aiming at promoting the lifelong learning Erasmus+ project LETme TELLyou. The event aimed to reach contact with target groups of seniors, adult trainers, educators, digital experts and stakeholders. Thus, we were looking for opinions, experiences, best practices, advices and recommendations from the target groups in order to develop results together with them to increase their level of digital competence and make them feel an active part of society, focusing on rural tourism and the cultural heritage that this sector can offer in the development of Europe.

The participants gathered and discussed openly the topic in question. The questions the participants received focused on the basic skills that senior adults should have, their interest in videomaking, places in the countryside worth exploring and their experience as tourists. At the beginning of the meeting, a summary of the LETme TELLyou project with the general and specific objectives was presented to the focus group participants and a discussion about it followed. After which, the group was engaged in a Q&A session the goal of which was to understand their point of view on the topic.

Thus, we were happy to find out that seniors are interested in video practices and want to acquire more digital skills in this area. With their help we have gathered a list of tourist attractions and rural areas that are not getting the visibility they deserve and that need to be promoted more online with videos. Also with their help, both from the written forms and based on the discussions we gathered a list of fortresses, monasteries, nature reserves, historical monuments and tourist attractions in Constanta county.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 27th of April 2023

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